AC Solar

Solar Panels, providing you with Electricity from the Power of the Sun, can be easily fitted to most houses.

These will Generate your own Electricity to be used and provide you with a return from the Feed in Tariff of up to £750.00 per year.

If you are considering Solar Panel and have an Immersion Heater for your hot water or Electric Underfloor Heating, then by fitting a Solar Iboost System you can use the excess Electricity generated to heat your hot water and home.

Photo-Voltaic Solar Energy and Air Sourced Heat Pumps

green-logo.jpgAshford Based Solar Installations

At AC Electricals UK Ltd we are embracing the new technologies of Renewable Energy Sources.

As such we are involved with the design, supply, installation and certification of Photovoltaic Generators.

By converting sunlight into electricity from panels mounted upon your roof, your home or business could benefit from free electricity as well as being paid for generating it.

Why not consider an energy efficient electric heating,  it complements the solar photo voltaic and increases your savings.

If you would like to reduce your Carbon Footprint and also benefit from the Feed In Tariffs for Generating your own electricity please contact us for an assessment of your requirements and a free survey of your premises. We can then advise you of the best system. If we don’t believe you will benefit from having a system installed, if the elevation of your roof is not suitable or if your property has to many shadows cast upon it, rest assured that you will not be pressurised by a pushy salesman. At AC Electricals UK Ltd our Survey Engineers are technically trained electricians with Photovoltaic training and we are regulated by third party accreditation to ensure we give you the best standard achievable.

We cover all aspects of electrical installations from surveying through to design, installation, electrical testing and maintenance and certification
by our competent, qualified team of Ashford Electricians.
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