Redwarm Heating System

If you already have central heating please do not discount the benefits of installing Redwarm infrared panel heaters. Your existing system stays in situ; you just do not use it or pay the heavy price of running it.

The massive savings (up to 60%) on your central heating bills make it well worth while financially to say nothing of the enormous health and comfort benefits.

Cozycross Technology, together with British quality production control, brings you the most effective, efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly central heating system available, all at an economical price.

Redwarm infrared panel heaters are far superior to all other central heating systems such as direct electric, oil, gas, LPG, air to water heat pumps etc. and by comparison to other systems cost very little to run,a revolution in heating technology.

If you have solar PV installed you will benefit from contributions of the power generated from your solar PV system showing even bigger savings on your heating bill.

Redwarm Infrared – inspired by nature


Only the warming rays of the sun have enabled life to exist on our planet. The warmth we feel in the sunlight, but also in front of a fireplace or a stove, is infrared radiation. On a winters day the cool air does not bother us as long as the warming rays of the sun reaches us directly.

Infrared radiation overcomes the distance between the sun and the earth almost without loss and turns into heat when it hits the surface. Unlike UV or X-ray radiation particularly the long-wave, infrared-C range has a positive impact on human wellbeing.


Redwarm infrared heaters use the principle of solar radiation and provide comforting warmth to every room. Specially developed carbon crystal generates direct long wave infrared-C range radiation from the energy consumed. This radiation does not need air to circulate the heat but permeates it almost without loss and turns into heat where it meets objects, walls, and ceilings which stores the heat and releases it evenly into the room. Thus the walls are always warm and dry.


Redwarm heating panels come in a range of sizes and shapes and with or without frames; they can be plain white, any other colour; glass mirror or even pictorial.




Conventional heaters mainly heat the surrounding air, resulting in high air ventilation. The hot air will stay at the ceiling and the heat is distributed unevenly.


With infrared heaters the infrared radiation will be distributed uniformly in the room and absorbed by objects, walls and ceilings creating an overall cosy and comfortable living.

The principle of conventional heating systems

Conventional heaters operate on the principle of convection. They give off their heat to the cold air near the ground. In consequence the warmed air rises to the top of the room and finally falls down again on the cold walls. This results in dry air circulation which stirs up dust and bacteria.


With Redwarm infrared heaters you create:
• Perfect comfort
• A healthier environment
• Good for you and good for your home
• Energy savings of up to 60%

• No more damp walls, mould, or condensation
• Decreased humidity
• No dust or bacteria circulating
• Increased blood circulation
• Higher efficiency
• Long life (30 to 50 years or 100,000 hours)
• 99% heat transfer
• Equal heat distribution

• Green and low carbon
• Space saving
• 100% recyclable
• Higher comfort levels
• Better indoor climate control • Healthier living conditions
• Ready for renewable energy sources (can be connected to PV systems)


Economical to purchase
Redwarm infrared heaters are up to 60% cheaper than conventional heating systems to install and have a 30 to 50 years or 100,000 hours lifespan.

Easy to install
Redwarm infrared heaters do not require expensive piping. They are mounted on the wall, ceiling or free standing. Thanks to its timeless elegant design, the 2 to 3 cm thick panels integrate harmoniously into any living area.

Perfect comfort
In combination with room thermostats, Redwarm infrared heaters provide perfect heat according to your needs. Even in a single room several different thermal comfort zones can be generated. Due to the variable application you will receive comfortable heat permanently or as required, exactly where it is needed.

Equal heat distribution from panel
Converting infrared radiant energy into an image that the human eye can see and understand is the process called thermal imaging. This is achieved with the use of an infrared camera that accurately measures the temperature and translates it into colour. Infrared imaging shows the heat distribution of certain bodies.



Economical to run
Redwarm infrared heaters convert 100 % of the energy consumed in comfortable warmth with a saving of up to 60% (on traditional heating bills). They heat quickly and accurately – there are no service or maintenance costs. The walls remain dry.

Essential for a comfortable and healthy indoor climate

Redwarm infrared heaters promote a dust
and bacteria free environment preventing the unpleasant dry air of convection heating. They keep the masonry/walls etc. free of mould and are silent in operation. The temperature is evenly spread throughout the room. No more cold zones.

Redwarm has a common environment policy for the implementation and exclusion of environmental issues. No components include metals such as lead or PVC which are harmful to the environment.

Pictorial panel heaters

We believe our heating panels are a work of art and you can enhance each heater by selecting any pictures from our instock range, special orders range or provide your own pictures or photos.

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