Emergency Call Outs

24/7 Electrical Emergency - ready when you need us!

Have an electrical emergency?

Electrical faults can develop when you least expect it at the most inconvenient of times. They can develop over time or in a split second.

Have an emergency? Call AC Electricals Emergency on 0800 690 6248

  • perhaps your lights flicker
  • circuit breakers are tripping
  • switches or plugs feel warm to touch
  • switches or sockets making a crackling noise
  • you notice overheated bakelite smell

If in doubt just call us, as our emergency electricians are available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Be Safe: – electricity can be dangerous. Overheated cables can start fire. Don't risk your own safety as well as of the other occupants of the property.

We're only a call away whenever you need us call on 0800 690 6248

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